Meet Carer of the Month, Nyasha

Posted on August 29, 2017
Meet Carer of the Month, Nyasha
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Nyasha has been awarded Carer of the Month, August 2017, for delivering excellent home care and going above and beyond for her clients.

We talked to Nyasha to find out more about what makes her such an amazing carer. Nyasha believes that patience and a person centred approach are the keys to great care. Nyasha started working in care in 2006 at Barnet Hospital, after providing kitchen assistance to patients there. This is where she realised that she wanted to work as a care professional.

“For me, it is about helping people. You get this sense of achievement and you know someone’s life is better because of you”

After working in one of the wards there, Nyasha move to A&E but soon realised that the A&E was not for her so she began working in home care and respite care. Nyasha says she loved the new environment, as the experience allowed her to learn new things, including how to look after clients with learning disabilities. Nyasha continued to work in residential care until her friend introduced her to SuperCarers. Since applying, she has been enjoying every minute.

What first attracted you to SuperCarers?

“For me it was about knowing that I could have the choice to work for myself. I have the freedom to expand my work and I have the opportunity to meet so many different people from different cultures. I love meeting new people and I find that every home I visit I come away with something new that I have learned”

What is one of the most positive experiences that you’ve had working as a carer?

“One experience was when I was working in a residential home, working with this gentleman who had recently been diagnosed with dementia. Since his diagnosis his life had kind of stopped, so I decided to learned about his likes and interests. He was interested in frogs and football so we decorated his room just how he wanted, and we even started going on holidays together. All of this made his quality of life much better.”

Nyasha recalls how appreciative her client’s sister was, as she was the person organising his care. Her client’s sister told Nyasha that since she began working for them, her brother was much happier with and had an improved quality of life. Nyasha credits this to her person centered approach.

“Helping him was all about knowing his likes, his dreams and desires.”

Nyasha knows from experience that patience is one of the best qualities to have as a carer. She has experienced the transformation that can occur when a compassionate and patient carer comes into a new environment. She recalls the moment when one of her clients was very concerned when she began working as their carer since she was the first carer to have worked for them. Through hard work and patience Nyasha proved that she could take good care of her client. Nyasha built trust with her client and she witnessed a transformation in their attitudes towards care.

“Seeing that transformation in people is really important to me and it’s all about patience to achieve that”

Nyasha is a passionate and committed carer who truly has her client’s best interests at heart. With her person centred and compassionate approach, she embodies what we value most at SuperCarers. We are honoured to award her carer of the month for August 2017.


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