Top 5 places for lunch in Derby with your grandparents

Top 5 places for lunch in Derby with your grandparents
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Located within the heart of Derbyshire, and formerly it’s county town, Derby offers a fantastic place to get away and have an enjoyable day out. The city is dripping with history, is only a short jaunt from the Peak District, and offers plenty of opportunities for shopping, all of which are fantastic for doing with your grandparents.

Derby also boasts an impressive catering scene as well, from pubs to curry houses to cafes. So, when taking a break from exploring the city, take the chance to stop by one of these locales for lunch.

The Exeter Arms

The Exeter Arms is one of Derby’s most popular and beloved pubs. Found on Exeter Street, the building is old and full of character, carrying with it a classic pub look. If your grandparents are looking for the traditional pub lunch and experience, then the Exeter Arms offers the finest.

In fairer weathers there’s a beer garden out in the back, while during the winter months logwood fires offer warmth and atmosphere. As well as a top-quality selection of beers, ales and spirits, the Exeter Arms also provides hearty and wholesome pub lunches. From cheese boards to Sunday roasts, you’re in for a great meal.

The pub is accessible from the street and offers plenty of seating. Despite its old character, the building is very well lit and offers plenty of room for older family members who aren’t quite as sure on their feet.

Wonky Table

Up on Sadler Gate, Wonky Table is a quirky and fun cafe inspired by the bistros and cafes of Europe. While the premises are a little crowded with lots of chairs and tables placed together, it gives a warm and cosy atmosphere. The food is locally sourced from nearby providers, and everything is given a fun and modern twist.

If your grandparents are vegetarian, then the Wonky Kitchen offers one of the most impressive meat-free and vegan menus in the city. If they love their meat, meanwhile, it still aims to please with its roasts and steaks.

The menu changes frequently, so visitors can never be too sure what will be available on the next visit.

Bluebell Dairy Tea Rooms

If you’re ever finding yourself heading out of town by Locko Road, drop by the Bluebell Dairy Tea Rooms. Bluebell Dairy is famous for its high-quality dairy products, especially its ice creams, and the tea rooms is where they showcase them.

Grandparents looking for a quiet afternoon tea away from the ruckus of town will be more than satisfied to sit down and enjoy a bowl of creamy Bluebell Dairy ice cream, or one of the freshly made cakes. Along with a hot cup of tea and sandwich, it’s a great lunchtime experience.

The tea rooms are free to enter, so even if you’re not visiting the Dairy you’re still welcome to drop in and pull up a chair. If anyone in the group has any dietary requirements, be sure to mention them at the counter.

Carnero Lounge

The Carnero Lounge has the reputation of serving the best coffee in Derby. While the proof is in the pudding – or the coffee in this case – the cafe is extremely friendly and independently run. Sitting on St Peter’s Street, it offers a fantastic viewing point for the high street, and the building is spacious and well lit, with even flooring. In summer months the window can even be rolled open to let in a pleasant summer breeze.

If your grandparents would prefer some peace and quiet, the back of the lounge tends to be quieter.

The Carnero Lounge specialises in light lunches and cooked meals, such as paninis, steaks, burgers, and salads. The menu is impressively varied, so you’ll never be limited for choice, and it’s fully licensed to sell alcoholic drinks too. This makes it great whether you’re looking to stop in for a cup of tea and a quick bite or are intending to make this the main meal of the day.

If you’re visiting with your dog, then Carnero is completely dog friendly. Be sure to ask the staff for a doggy treat!

Caruso Café Boutique

Appearances can be deceiving, especially where the Caruso Café Boutique is concerned. Don’t be deceived by the small shop front – the cafe stretches quite a way back and offers plenty of seating. While the tables and chairs can be rather cramped together, the cafe is well lit and the staff are always happy to help. They’ll gladly help you to a table if you have trouble moving around, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

The Caruso offers Italian classics such as fine lattes and gelatos, and it’s a fantastic place to sit down and enjoy a quick cup of coffee and a slice of cake while in town. The owners are exceedingly welcoming and make it a point to greet each customer as though they’re an old friend.

Be sure to drop by and visit for the excellent hot drinks and lunches. However, you’ll be staying for the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere.

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