Meet our Carer of the Month, Ena

Meet our Carer of the Month, Ena Watch video
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Welcome to our Carer of the Month feature!

Throughout the year, we’ll celebrate the dedication of some of the best carers on our platform by getting to know a bit more about them and what inspires them to care.

This October, we had a chat with Ena Linton, our first Carer of the Month. We met in London over a cup of tea and it was a real pleasure to hear her story and feel her commitment to caring for her clients as if they were family.

Discover Ena’s story in the video above, and find out more about what makes her such an amazing carer.

Why did you become a carer?

Ena has been a carer for more than 19 years.

She first got into care when one of her friends, who was caring for a client, needed somebody as companion for his wife. She then spent some time working in a nursing home, but she was unsatisfied with the quality of care the clients were getting there and felt she couldn’t do anything to change the situation.

Ena decided to start working in community care, before moving to SuperCarers:

I enjoyed it more. The person you’re caring for - you felt like part of their family. And the family treated you like you were part of their family.

Tell us a bit about your client

Ena’s current client has minor dementia, but she’s mobile. Ena often takes her out for tea or to do some shopping, and they visit the client’s son every Friday for dinner.

It’s just lovely because we can do whatever she wants to do, we can go wherever she wants to go, and it’s just a pleasure listening to her.

What do you like about SuperCarers?

Ena loves the help and support she gets from the team at SuperCarers. She can manage her own time with great flexibility, and she feels the quality of the care she provides is excellent, since she can concentrate all her energy and compassion to one client.

The thing I like about SuperCarers is that you have support whenever you need it, and you can work in your own time. […] And you can make the day whatever you want it to be. It never gets boring because no day is the same.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming a carer?

Dedication and commitment are, to Ena, two of the most important factors for anyone looking to become a carer. If you love what you do and fully dedicate yourself to it, caring can be an incredibly fulfilling job:

It’s a very rewarding job. But you need to love being a carer.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a carer?

To Ena, good care is all about relationships; about making a real connection with her client.

“The most rewarding part of being a carer is when you’re leaving the client, and they tell you that they can’t wait for you to come back. You know you’ve done a very good job, and that person respects everything that you do for them.”

At SuperCarers, we believe that personal relationships transform people’s experiences of care. That’s why we make sure clients always get the same carer every visit. Because home care goes beyond daily tasks and practicalities, to truly change the life of carers and who they care for.

If you’d like to find out more about the carers on our platform, visit, or call us on 020 8629 1030 for a free care consultation.