Meet our Carer of the Month, Lynette

Posted on November 22, 2018
Meet our Carer of the Month, Lynette Watch video
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Welcome to our November Carer of the Month!

This is the place where we celebrate the commitment of the best carers on our platform by getting to know a bit more about them and what inspires them to care.

This month’s featured carer is lovely Lynette Gohre. She came over to meet the team at SuperCarers’ HQ in central London, and we had a chat about what she likes most about being a carer, as well as her interests and passions.

Discover Lynette’s story in the video above, and find out why she is a truly super carer.

Why did you become a carer?

Lynette moved to London from South Africa in 2010, and started working as a carer the following year. Her background was in technology, and care was something completely new to her. But she accepted the challenge and was keen to start a new life and a new career on the other side of the world.

What do you enjoy about being a carer?

To Lynette, caring is all about helping other people. As a carer, she loves to absorb the richness of her clients’ lives, and see what she can learn from them. She enjoys listening to her clients’ stories and experiences, and she feels that, by getting to know them better, she can better care for them as well.

What do you like about SuperCarers?

Lynette likes the fact that SuperCarers give her flexibility and control, but also provide her with help and support when she needs it.

SuperCarers is not an agency, but more someone you work with.

What makes you happy as a carer?

A truly special moment for Lynette is when she manages to make a client laugh:

It could be anything you did, anything you said, but they are tickled by it, and that really makes my day.

At SuperCarers, we believe that personal relationships transform people’s experiences of care. That’s why we make sure clients always get the same carer every visit. Because caring goes beyond daily tasks and practicalities, to truly change the life of carers and who they care for.

If you’d like to find out more about the carers on our platform, visit, or call us on 020 3918 7754 for a free care consultation.


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