Fun Valentine’s Day ideas for grandparents

Fun Valentine’s Day ideas for grandparents
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The common perception of Valentine’s Day is that it’s mostly for younger couples. However, the holiday is an occasion for everyone, older couples included, and there’s no reason why they can’t find ways to mark their own love. Age is merely a number, after all, and romance never truly dies.

This year, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, why not find some ways to mark the occasion with your life partner, by considering some of these heartfelt activities to enjoy together.

Things to do together on Valentine’s Day

For the most part, many of the traditional Valentine’s Day activities still apply, as they’re broadly rather simple. Things that are universal in their appeal include:

  • Buying gifts, such as chocolates or flowers

  • Going out for a meal

  • Exchanging cards

  • Attending a show or going to the cinema

These are tried and true traditional activities and will require at most only a few adjustments for senior couples. Many older people after years of living with their partners will get a feel for their likes and dislikes and can use these to work out the best kinds of activities for them to enjoy. Some may want to try something new, or something that’s not quite as intuitive.

It is said that variation is a sure way to keep any relationship interesting.

As people get older, mental stimulation is a great way to keep the mind sharp, so one thing older couples may enjoy doing is sitting together and putting together a photo album or collage. Doing so will allow them to reflect on all the times they’ve shared, and commemorate them in a way that’s more tangible. For people who suffer from conditions such as dementia, this activity is a great way to exercise the long-term memory.

Music is especially great at evoking memories that many would otherwise think forgotten. So, if a photo album is not to your tastes, consider setting up a custom album of your favourite songs and music.

Special Valentine’s Day gifts

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you’ve made yourself, or have a more personal connection to them than a mere box of chocolates and bottle of wine. These have the added advantage of being more cost effective as well, which is great for those on fixed incomes.

These gifts can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and it’s rather dependent on what you feel most comfortable doing. Some may wish to make their own Valentine’s cards, others may wish to cook a meal or bake a cake, while others still may have the time and inclination to make some bespoke craft or artwork. There are few wrong answers with this one, it being entirely dependent on the tastes of the recipient.

Older couples usually have had more time to get to know their partners especially well, and so they can use this knowledge to prepare presents that are sure to make their hearts melt.

What makes a gift special is seldom the gift itself, although that can certainly play a part. It’s the meaning and message behind it. With careful planning and consideration, any gifts given on Valentine’s Day can be warmly received even if, on first appearance, it seems quite humble.

Ways to involve the grandchildren

Tying in with the idea of making Valentine’s Day gifts more meaningful, consider getting the grandchildren involved as well. Not only does this add another layer of sentiment to it, it’s also a great way to get some additional quality time with the grandchildren in.

The best activities to involve the grandchildren are those with an arts and crafts or baking slant to them, as those are easy enough for children to understand and help with and easy to supervise.

  • Baking cookies or cakes

  • Making cards

  • Writing a letter

  • Painting a picture

Another great way to involve the grandchildren is to recognise that Valentine’s Day is, ultimately, a festival that celebrates love. Today love is very much thought of in romantic terms, but really there’s nothing to say it couldn’t involve other varieties of love, such as love for one’s family. As such, if you wanted to spend time doing something with the grandchildren in the run up to Valentine’s Day, have them write out a Valentine’s Day card or letter to their grandparents or another member of their family.

No one ever said that Valentine’s Day must be for couples, after all!