Harrow’s best places for a weekend tea break

Harrow’s best places for a weekend tea break
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Afternoon tea is an age-old English tradition, and one of the best ways to enjoy a weekend out in town no matter the weather or time of year. Being as it is an institution beloved by many and requiring a fair bit of time to do, many people use afternoon tea as the whole reason for getting out and about. It’s perfect for pleasant conversations and combines with a chance for a light lunch as well.

Whether you’re stopping for a rest while doing some Saturday shopping, or the tea is the sole task for the day, it’s important to choose somewhere that’s comfortable, welcoming and of suitable quality.

Although not one of London’s busiest boroughs, Harrow nevertheless has some very comfortable and welcoming places to drop in for some tea, cakes and sandwiches. The next time you’re in town, consider having tea at some of these select places.


Take a stroll down Barter’s Walk and you’ll come across Augustina’s Tea Room, a small yet cosy establishment that can found rather conveniently in the centre of town. Close to all the main shops and the train station, it’s a great place to stop in the middle of the day for a rest and light lunch.

Augustina’s takes a much more modern and minimalist aesthetic to its tea shop, with colourful pillows lining a window seat and plain wood tables and chairs. Make no mistake though, Augustina’s does some of the best teas and cakes in town. All are baked on site and can also be bought to take away home if you’re not sure you can eat them all in one sitting. The food is made with care using fresh ingredients and is sure to leave even the hungriest visitors satisfied. The platters all come stacked, so you’re getting great value for money too.

The menu comes fully stocked with a wide blend of teas, such as traditional English black tea, sweet fruit teas, and refreshing green teas.

The café is spacious, open and brightly lit, and all the chairs can easily be moved as needed. If there any special dietary concerns, the staff are always on hand to help.

The Dolls’ House on the Hill

Found within a picturesque Georgian shop front that looks like it should be on the front of a vintage holiday magazine, the Doll’s House on the Hill prides itself in its timeless aesthetic. Found on the High Street, the Doll’s House on the Hill does indeed look a little like the archetypical doll’s houses found in old British nurseries. Everything has been chosen to represent the best of the English tea drinking tradition, from the hand-crafted wooden furniture, to the delicately painted bone china cups, to the lace table covers.

The food does not fail to impress either. At the Doll’s House on the Hill takes great pains to ensuring everything about its presentation is done to the highest standards, and as such its cakes are as much works of art as things to eat. Light as air frosting can be found on deliciously moist sponge, served complete with fresh fruits.

As well as a wide range of teas, various other soft and alcoholic drinks are served as well.

The venue is a little small and tightly packed, so take care when moving around inside. Chairs can be repositioned if needed. During fine weather, outside seating is also available.

The Chocolate Room

Up on Station Road you’ll find the Chocolate Room, a small café that as the name suggests focuses more on hot chocolates than teas. Even so, if you’re looking for something a little sweeter then there are fewer places that do it better.

The appearance is very sleek and modern, and if it looks professional then it’s because it very much is. Everything on the menu is made to an almost impossibly high standard, from their creamy hot chocolates to their mouth watering cakes. All of it is tastefully served with presentation very much at the forefront of the staff’s mind, and each plate will leave you feeling sorry to demolish it afterwards.

As well hot chocolates teas are also served, and any of the chocolate products can be bought to be taken home.

The Chocolate Room is set up like a contemporary coffee shop, so the furniture is comfortable and casual in appearance. The shop is roomy with plenty of space to manoeuvre, and the chairs can be repositioned if more space is needed around the table. The café is brightly lit, and the floors are smooth and even.

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