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See and speak to a carer at the touch of a button.

SuperCarers has teamed up with award-winning tech provider Alcove to launch SuperCarers Connect.

Connect enables people receiving care to make or receive video calls with carers, as well as family and friends. Seeing a friendly face on a regular basis can significantly reduce feelings of isolation for those living alone, and give peace of mind to their friends and family.

Video calls from carers are also a more affordable option to in-person visits. Short daily visits can be replaced by calls, allowing limited budgets to be put towards less frequent but more meaningful long visits.

The device has been specially designed for people who are nervous of technology, and is extremely straightforward to use. They can also receive pop-up text messages and pre-scheduled reminders.

SuperCarers and Alcove are pioneers of independent living. We share a vision to revolutionise care by using today’s consumer technology to empower people.


How can Connect help?

  • Build trust
    Many older people refuse help because they are uncomfortable with inviting someone new into their home. Connect is a non-intrusive way of introducing them to the idea of a carer.
  • Improve wellbeing
    Regular face-to-face contact with a carer can help reduce feelings of loneliness, and allows the carer to identify any potential concerns from afar.
  • Make your budget go further
    You can choose a carer and ask them to combine video calls and in-person visits to help your loved one feel better connected.

Plans and Pricing

How much does it cost?

Pricing for Connect is banded, depending on how many calls you would like to receive from a SuperCarer each week:

Connect Lite

One call a week
per week

Connect Standard

Three calls a week
per week

Connect Daily

One call a day
per week

All prices are per week and will have VAT added.

All plans also include unlimited inbound and outbound video calls to family and friends. In addition, all plans include a limited number of free outgoing video calls to the SuperCarers HQ, to ensure that a care expert is on hand in the event of an emergency. If you would like to use the outgoing call service on a more frequent basis, we can tailor your plan accordingly.

There is an upfront cost of £300 plus VAT for the tablet and software.

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