Can home care workers continue visiting?

Posted on March 24, 2020

Guidance states that if neither the care worker nor the individual receiving care and support are symptomatic, then no additional steps are required for safe home care beyond normal good hygiene practices.

General interventions may include increased cleaning activity and keeping property properly ventilated by opening windows whenever safe and appropriate. Care workers should follow advice on hand hygiene.

When a care recipient has been advised to “shield” or is in a generally higher risk group you may want to consider whether presence of a carer is essential. Where the care recipient can complete activities of daily living largely by themselves it might be preferable to stop the visiting of a care worker. The mental health implications should be considered, as well as the physical care requirements.

If, as will be the case in the majority of social care scenarios, the decision is made to continue with care pattern adaptations may be required to minimise contact and ensure hygiene standards are maintained. Please see the suggestions about hygiene and social distancing for more details.

You should discuss with your care worker practical steps to reduce risks using these suggestions.

Specific guidance on home care provision can be found here

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