Maintaining good home hygiene

Posted on March 24, 2020

Please find some specific suggestions about maintaining good hygiene based on best practice infection control and the broader guidance currently available. As you manage care directly, please discuss any changes to expectations together.

Precautions for hygiene in the home

  • Wash hands thoroughly before (on arrival), during and after their visits, with hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds. Guidance should be followed on hand hygiene
  • Alcohol based hand sanitisers can also be used when hand washing is not available.
  • Remove shoes when entering the home
  • Avoid a physical greeting on entering the property and where possible stay more than 2m apart during the visit
  • You may decide to use disposable or machine washable gloves (personal protective equipment) - again at the moment these are harder to obtain and so if you have the opportunity to purchase these we encourage you to do so
  • Where possible and safe, open windows for ventilation
  • Any cleaning implements used should be washed at a high temperature (60C+) after every use, preferably using a dishwasher if available

Cleaning in the home

  • Surfaces should be cleaned using regular methods and then disinfected using an antiviral product such as Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Spray or similar
  • Places regularly touched like door/cupboard handles, light switches, tables, remotes, and work counters should receive additional attention
  • Generally warm water (not hot or cold) should be used when cleaning surfaces and mopping floors, to maximise the effectiveness of cleaning products

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