How much do I get paid as a carer?

Posted on October 21, 2019

Your clients make payments through the SuperCarers platform and you will receive 75% of what the customer pays for day or night care and 80% for live-in care.

We have a set of recommended rates, which vary based on shift type, which will automatically apply to your profile when you join. These are recommended to ensure no carer earns less than the living wage (which is subject to change) however, you are able to set your own rate.

There is not currently an upper limit on the rates which you can request, however please do remember that customers will consider prices when deciding which carers they would like to meet and eventually book.

Our recommended rates for day care are £12 per hour for shorter shifts, and £10.50 for shifts which last 6 hours or more. For night-time care rates vary based on how much you can expect to rest, up to £108.75 for a 10 hour working shift. Live-in care varies a lot more based on the needs, the location and the amount of breaks or days off included.

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