Do the carers have insurance?

Posted on October 21, 2019

All carers have to have a carer/personal assistant public liability insurance to be on the platform.

This can be either through the provider we suggest and is processed through the platform or their own policy. The policy procured via the platform only covers work completed via the platform. If you would like to see the policy please ask your carer or you can request this from us and we can share the policy with you.

Driving as part of a carer’s duties is separate to the above mentioned insurance and it is important for you to verify with your carer directly as we are unable to check this.

If your carer has their own car and you request them to drive with a client onboard, they should contact their insurer to make sure they are covered (under their vehicle insurance) for ‘business use’. This is not automatic and there may be an additional cost that your carer may request for you to contribute towards. If you are providing a car, it is your responsibility to ensure that the appropriate insurance is place and that the relevant carer is qualified to do so.

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