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Alzheimer’s Care Service

We fully understand all the challenges of caring for an Alzheimer’s patient. Although there is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, specialist care can provide people with dignity and a high quality of life.

The private care provided will be tailored to your loved one’s current abilities and symptoms, and adapted as the disease progresses and skills change. Arranging care at home will also enable your loved one to stay in familiar surroundings, helping them to feel safe and loved, even when faced with memory loss and diminished capacity.

Professional carers on our platform, specialised in caring for Alzheimer’s, can help in the following ways:

  • Assist with daily needs like bathing and eating

  • Provide encouragement and engagement for daily activities

  • Facilitate social interaction

  • Help patients maintain familiar routines

Most of all, professionals specialised in live-in Alzheimer’s care maintain the dignity of their patients at all times. From mentally stimulating activities to managing behavioural and cognitive symptoms, professional carers can help family members and friends to, in turn, help the patient deal with his or her illness in a dignified environment.

Specialist private care can help reduce the severity of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, withdrawal from social life, and self-imposed isolation.

SuperCarers is here to ensure that your loved one lives as dignified and independent a life as possible. This can also provide respite for you and your family and ensure that you can cherish your time with your loved one.

Care for Alzheimer’s Disease vs Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s care is a specialised form of private care provided by people who have been trained accordingly. We believe this is important to clients, given that Alzheimer’s is just one form of dementia.

Dementia, describes a large group of brain disorders that affect memory, decision-making, thought processes, and even emotions. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common among them, affecting between 60% and 80% of those diagnosed with dementia. Find out more about how to recognise the warning signs of dementia.

The Cost of Alzheimer’s Care

It would be impossible to assign a hard-and-fast cost to Alzheimer’s care. Every patient and situation are different. But please know that there are no national standards in place to protect patients and their families.

While care continues in the home, patients and their families usually pay for it themselves. Local authorities may help if the patient’s income and assets warrant assistance.

When it becomes necessary to consider home care, a property and asset assessment is conducted. Home care fees and responsible parties are determined based on the results of the assessment. You can find more information on this in the Paying for Care section of our Elderly Care Guide.

Resources for Alzheimer’s Care

As a family member of an Alzheimer’s patient, you can find many trusted sources of information on this topic. A good place to start is the Alzheimer’s Association. Other great resources include:

The Alzheimer’s Society offers an excellent guide for caring for patients during the early, middle, and late stages of the disorder. It is a detailed guide explaining what caregivers can expect from each of the three stages of Alzheimer’s.

For additional support and information about Alzheimer’s care at home, please call one of our care advisors on 020 3797 1971 today for a free care consultation.

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