Meet our Carer of the Month, Esther

Posted on December 18, 2018
Meet our Carer of the Month, Esther Watch video
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Welcome to our Carer of the Month feature!

Every month, we celebrate the incredible work of some of the amazing carers on our platform by getting to know a bit more about them and why they care.

This December, we met Esther Tasher in South London, and we were touched by her extraordinary positivity and dedication.

Discover Esther’s story in the video above, and find out more about what inspires her to care.

What inspired you to become a carer?

Esther found the commitment to look after other people after she cared for a loved one afflicted by terminal illness. Thanks to her personal experience as a family carer, she realised how her support could empower people in need to live independent and fulfilling lives, despite their vulnerability.

Why did you join SuperCarers?

One of the main reasons why Esther decided to join SuperCarers is that she found the platform enabled her to give better quality care compared to what she could do working for traditional care agencies. Now she feels she can keep the quality standards she believes in, and also likes the fact that she can focus all her attention and efforts on one client if she wants to.

SuperCarers is super because they produce quality caring.

Tell us about a recent visit with a client

Esther tells us about a recent visit with one of her clients, when she enjoyed singing some Christmas songs.

She loved the singing. It was good – I really enjoyed it, and she asked me if I could sing some more songs, which I’m ready to do!

Check out our blog for last month’s Carer of the Month. If you’d like to find out more about the carers, visit, or call us on 020 8629 1030 for a free care consultation.


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